Coffee Trifle Recipe By Nandita Iyer

Enjoy digging into this classic Coffee Trifle layered with vanilla sponge cake, coffee syrup and topped with whipped cream. Watch and learn easy to make Coffee Trifle in no time by Chef Nandita Iyer and stay tuned to #BritanniaDessertCarnival for more such delectable dessert combos to feast.

Coffee Trifle Recipe By Nandita Iyer

Method: -

Firstly, Take oats, maida, sugar, butter in bowl and mix it up.

Add vanilla essence to the mixture.

Then, take small baking tray, apply butter on aluminum foil and remove the mixture on it.

Press the mixture till it gets smoother.

Bake the mixture for 10 mins in the oven till the golden crisp.

For assembling the trifle, Take vanilla sponge cake, dip it into coffee, put it into glass, put whipped cream on the top, then put prepared mixture on it, put coffee syrup on it and repeat the process again.

Garnished with the chocolate sev and a pinch of coffee powder.

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