Yogurt Salad

Yogurt is a common accompaniment at any traditional Indian meal during summers. It has been put to end number of uses. Adding up to the already long list, Seema here presents her yogurt recipe-the dahi salad! Keep watching to know more!

Yogurt Salad

  • Transfer the yogurt (dahi) into a bigger bowl
  • Add kala namak (pink salt)
  • Add the salt
  • Add the black pepper
  • Add the green chillies
  • Add the sugar
  • Mix well
  • Add the jeera powder (cumin powder)
  • Mix well
  • Add the tomatoes
  • Add the cucumber
  • Add the boiled green peas
  • Add the capsicum
  • Add the boiled potato
  • Add the coriander leaves
  • Mix the ingredients gently
  • Add beetroot for change in colour
  • Serve chilled

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