Dhakai Chicken Curry By Ananya Banerjee

This festive season merge cultures with a Bangla-Dhaka style chicken curry known as Dhakai Chicken. Prepared in a marinade full of masala and fried in Emami Healthy & Tasty Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil, the chicken gains an amazing flavour before being enriched by a creamy paste of plums and dry fruits. Try this recipe this Druga Puja and the spread the festive joy amongst your loved ones.

Dhakai Chicken Curry By Ananya Banerjee

Method of Preparation:

- Make 3-4 deep slits on both sides of the chicken legs with a sharp knife. Rub in a little turmeric powder, red chili powder, and salt and set aside.

- In a grinder make a paste of the fried onions, raisins and aloo bukhara and keep aside. You may add a teaspoon of yoghurt to help make the paste if needed.

- Heat oil in a pan, when smoking hot, sear the chicken pieces over a high flame for 2-4 on each side. Remove from the pan and set aside.

- Into the same pan, add the onion paste, ginger paste, garlic paste, salt, and sugar and cook until the raw onion smell disappears.

- Reduce the heat and add chili powder, turmeric powder, half the garam masala powder and sauté well.

- Add the saffron soaked milk and mix well.

- Add back the chicken legs and pour in half a cup of water, cover and cook on a medium-low heat for about twenty minutes.

- When the chicken is cooked remove the cover and add cream and khoya and mix well.

- Add ghee and mix well.

- Sprinkle rose water along with the rest of the garam masala powder.

- Turn off the heat and serve hot.

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