Diwali Dessert: Moong Dal Halwa

Diwali Dessert: Moong Dal Halwa

We have started spreading the Diwali cheer on Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha. This week we are preparing the famous Rajasthani Moong Halwa. Follow Neha's simple steps and cook up a storm in your kitchen. Happy Diwali in advance!


1. Wash and soak moong dal in water for 5-6 hours. Drain the water completely. Grind the dal coarsely in a bender without any water.

2. Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan. Add the ground dal. Fry the dal on very low heat till it turns light golden brown. 3. Add milk and cook till all the milk is absorbed by the dal. Add the khoya and dry fruits.

4. Mix well. Add sugar, cardamom powder and saffron.

5. Cook on low heat till the halwa turns brown and starts to leave ghee from sides. Keep stirring throughout.

6. Serve hot. You can store this halwa in an airtight container for up to 10 days in refrigerator. Just warm it in microwave before serving.

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