Easy Dosa Batter

Easy Dosa Batter

Skip the store bought dosa batter and try out this easy batter recipe at home.


1. Soak some rice & urad along with some methi seeds for 3-4 hours.

2. Add some rice in a mixer and grind it.

3. Soak some poha in water for sometime.

4. Add some water to the coarse rice paste & grind it again.

5. Transfer this runny rice mixture into a bowl.

6. Now, add some urad dal in the mixer and grind it.

7. Add the soaked poha to the urad dal mixture along with some water and blend until the mixture is nice & creamy.

8. Add the urad dal mixture to the rice mixture and add salt as per your taste.

9. Mix until everything is incorporated well.

10. Make sure you let the dosa batter rest for sometime before preparing the dosas.

Preetha Srinivasan

Preetha Srinivasan

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