Easy Tiramisu Cups Recipe By Kamini Patel

Fluffy, creamy and so delicious! Classic Italian dessert Tiramisu is an ultimate dessert-for-your-mood. This no-fuss Tiramisu Cup by Chef Kamini is your go-to dessert prepared in a jiffy. Watch and learn this recipe right from scratch only on #BritanniaDessertCarnival.

Easy Tiramisu Cups Recipe By Kamini Patel


- Beat the cream with sugar and vanilla.

- Then add the mascarpone.

- Set aside.

- Stir the coffee with alcohol.

- Drizzle the coffee at bottom of serving dish.

- Add thin layer of cake.

- Drizzle the coffee mix on top to soak.

- Spread layer of cream mixture on top.

- Repeat this process.

- After the last layer of cream, dust cocoa powder on top.

NOTE: last layer of cream can be piped into large dots.

Serve cold.

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