Eggless Mawa Cake Recipe By Nandita Iyer

The festive season is on, Get ready to prepare this super moist Eggless Mawa Cake and sweeten up your celebration with this classic dish. Khoya is infused with condensed milk and flavoured with saffron, cardamom to create this melt in the mouth cake by Chef Nandita Iyer. I hope you enjoyed this recipe if you did make sure to like, share and subscribe to catch up every update of #BritanniaDessertCarnival .

Eggless Mawa Cake Recipe By Nandita Iyer


Heat the wet ingredients together till butter melts and the mix is homogeneous. Cool it to room temperature.

Sift the maida and baking powder three times. Add the cardamom, saffron, and cashew nuts. Whisk the dry and wet ingredients together. Use the 1/4 cup of milk if the batter is too thick. Fill into cupcake moulds and bake into mini mawa cakes - 175 C for 20 mins or so.

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