Falafal Sandwich by Asha Khatau

Falafal Sandwich by Asha Khatau


  • Grind the split green gram with the green chillies and the coriander leaves
  • TIP: the mixture should be coarsely ground into a paste
  • Add salt to taste
  • Add za'atar mix
  • Add onions
  • TIP: onions make the falafal nice and crunchy
  • Mix well
  • Keep oil for frying
  • In a rounded spoon take a little of the falafal mixture on your palm
  • Now with both your palms give the mixture a rounded shape
  • Drop the falafal bullets in hot oil for frying
  • TIP: flatten the bullet so it doesn't look like a pakoda
  • TIP: fry until brown so that it is crunchy and the inside is cooked properly
  • Best served with chilli tomato sauce and tahina sauce

For Falafal Sandwich

  • Take the pita bread and cut it into half
  • Open the pocket
  • put the salad in the bottom
  • over the salad put 1 or 2 falafal bullet depending one the size of the pita bread
  • over the bullet add hot sauce and tahina sauce
  • Top it up with some more crunchy salad
  • TIP: You can also try the sandwich with a thinner pita bread
  • Ready to serve!

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