Here’s how Indian restaurants abroad are celebrating Diwali

Here’s how Indian restaurants abroad are celebrating Diwali

5 Indian Restaurants around the world and their special way of celebrating Diwali

We all loved the Diwali episode of The Office, didn’t we? Michael Scott singing the Diwali song and Ryan’s traditional kurta mixed with a couple of drinks made for an unforgettable moment. We are here to recreate the situation but with a slightly different take. For all those who are far away from home, we bring you a list of Indian restaurants from around the world who have their own special way of celebrating Diwali. Sometimes it feels like home, even when you’re far away from it.

Adda, USA

This year, Adda introduces a collection of their favourite chaats for their special Diwali menu. Chef Chintan Pandya is a fanatic of all things home-cooked, which is why the home-cooked sweets will be a sweet addition to the dinner table. The chaats they have planned to serve this Diwali are the Delhi Pakodi Chaat, Pani Puri and Aloo Tikki Chaat. If you’re in the US and looking for flavours that remind you of home, these tasty tikkis are sure to do the trick.

Vij’s, Canada

Chef Vikram Vij celebrates Diwali at both his restaurants - Vij’s and My Shanti with a lot of festive fervour. This year hasn’t been an easy one, which is why they light extra candles to wish every visitor and the team good health. One of their chefs makes a special halwa, packed with goodness and warmth that reminds them of home. Some of their other special indian food items include Curried squash with cashews and asparagus, Braised rabbit with beets and quinoa, and Wine marinated lamb popsicles in fenugreek cream curry.

Bombay Bungalow, Dubai

With a special menu set for almost two weeks, the team at Bombay Bungalow is well prepared for Diwali. What’s even better is that the menu offers flavours that remind everyone of home. Some delicacies include Paneer Mappas, Daal Baati Churma, Zarda Pulao and Chocolate-delight coconut gujiya. The special drinks menu has ‘From Bombay with Passion’ and ‘Indian Guava Sour’. If only we could fly down to Dubai for this treat.

Moombai, Dubai

Moombai has a specially curated Diwali menu that consists of a 7 course meal, a dessert menu, rasam shots, cocktails and shooters, and salad options. All of this, along with a live music set to lift the ambience. Who can say no to an offer like this?

Rang Mahal, Singapore

The best way to celebrate a festival is with food and people. Along with throwing a grand celebration, Rang Mahal is doing their best to ensure they also give back to society. 10% of the proceeds from the sales of their sweet confections goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation. These mithais are made without any preservatives and are full of wholesome ingredients. Join them in celebrating this event as they make this Diwali ‘khushiyon wali’ for everyone.

Oojal Kour

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