Fiery Lamb Rack GoT Special Recipe

What's better than watching Game Of Thrones Season 8 new episode by eating GoT inspired recipe Fiery Lamb Rack. Learn how to easily make Roasted Lamb at home in Game Of Feast only on India Food Network. #roastlamb #lambrecipe #gameofthrones

Fiery Lamb Rack GoT Special Recipe


1) Cut 2-bone lamb chops out of single Lamb rack and clean it thoroughly to remove any bloodstains or clots.

2) Start by making marination for lamb chops by mixing together Olive oil, Salt, Black pepper powder, Minced garlic, Chopped rosemary and Italian Lemon juice.

3) Marinate the lamb chops for 6 hours thoroughly.

4) Once the lamb chops are marinated thoroughly for the expected time.

5) Spit roast them for 20 minutes on one side, Repeat the process for the other side also before serving it hot.

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