Fish Biryani Bengali Style

Want to treat your taste buds? Try this Bengal Style Fish Biryani!

Fish Biryani Bengali Style

1. Deep-fry the fish pieces in mustard oil applying salt and turmeric.

2. Soak rice in water for 20 mins. Parboil the rice with bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

3. Heat 3 tbsp ghee in deep-bottomed wok and fry chopped onion until onion turns translucent and pale golden in colour.

4. Add onion, ginger, and garlic paste with red chili powder and fry until oil separates. Sprinkle water in between if required.

5. Add whisked mishti doi, salt and stir well to mix with the masala. Pour half of coconut milk

6. Add fish pieces into the gravy very carefully in a single layer without overlapping the fish.

7. Add green chili and rest of the coconut milk and cook for 2-3 mins with cover or until fish is cooked thoroughly.

For the Rice:

1. Rub the rice with ghee and salt to taste.

2. Layer the rice alternating with fish curry, rice, ghee, green chilies and coconut milk

3. Seal the cooking vessel with atta dough and put Dam for 20 mins.

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