Tomato Fish Curry

Tomato Fish Curry

A typical fish curry is made with a lot of coconut. Archana shows you how to make fish curry without it. Its a healthier and tastier version.


1. Take a pan, add some oil, chopped garlic and coriander leaves to it and let it cook.

2. Add some tomato & onion puree to it.

3. Add some red chilli powder to it.

4. Soak a lemon-sized tamrind in water and add it to the mixture

5. Add salt to it.

6. Pour some water to the pan and let it simmer for sometime.

7. Add the pieces pieces of fish to the curry and let it cook for a while.

8. Serve the curry with steamed rice, roti or bread.

Archana Arte

Archana Arte

Archana shares simple recipes, cooking techniques and kitchen hacks to make delicious Maharashtrian food. Watch Archana prepare simple yet mouth-watering recipes on Archana�s Rasoi.

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