Fusion Cooking: Patra Pasta Salad

Fusion Cooking: Patra Pasta Salad

Love experimental food? Try this intresting Patra Pasta Salad recipe!


1. Heat water

2. Add a pinch of salt

3. Boil Pasta. Please keep in mind that you are making a pasta salad. So you don't need a lot of pasta. It is just one of the condiments in your salad. This will make your Salad heavy enough to be a complete meal

4. Chop Veggies

5. Par Boil Veggies in the Pasta Water

6. Make your dressing with a tsp of Olive Oil, Olives, Jalapenos, Black Pepper, Hot sauce and chilli flakes.

7. Keep the dressing aside

8. Cook the par boiled veggies and pasta in a pan. Use only 1 tsp of Olive oil to fry all your ingredients. Remember that this is a salad, too much oil will kill the health angle

9. Add a couple of olives to your pasta pan

10. We are replacing Tofu with our good old Patra. So add the patra to the pasta at this stage. You can simply crumb the patra in. Use your hands to do this. We don't need anything fancy

11. Take pasta and patra mixture off the flame and put it in a a bowl or plate of your choice

12. Mix the dressing in well

13. Enjoy your healthy home made Pasta Patra Salad

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