Ganpati Special: Ukdi Che Modak

A big part of the festival of Ganesh Chaturti, these sweet treats are straight out of a Maharashtrian kitchen.

Ganpati Special: Ukdi Che Modak

1. In a heated vessle, add in water. Once hot, put ghee, flour, salt and elaichi powder. Mix well.

2. In a pan, add in ghee, coconut and jaggery. Mix well and cook until the jaggery melts and coats the cococnut.

3. Let both these mixtures cool for a while.

4. Once cooled, knead the rice flour mix and make small dough balls.

5. Make a small bowl out if the balls, stuff them with the coconut mix and seal them.

6. Steam and serve.

Archana Arte

Archana Arte

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