Harabhara Kabab

Make Harabhara Kabab, an all-time favourite vegetarian appetiser at home with Arina's simple recipe! A perfect starter to any meal, this one doesn't take too long to make and is always a hit! Go on, add a dash of green to the party menu!

Harabhara Kabab

Put grated potatoes in a bowl

Add crumbled paneer

Green chilli and ginger paste

Salt to taste

Add the amchur powder

A handful of the coriander leaves

And finally the spinach puree

Mix well

Tip - If your mix is a little sticky you can add some dry flour to it

Shape into tikkis

Tip - Oil your hands before making your tikkis

Coat in dry flour

Press in half a cashew into each kabab

Deep fry till golden brown and crisp on the outside

Tip - If you are health conscious you may shallow fry the kababs

Ready to serve

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