Healthy Fruit Soup With Mango Salsa

Tired of eating greasy, heavy meals? Give this light fruit soup a try.

Healthy Fruit Soup With Mango Salsa

1. Dice the mango into cubes.

2. Fold in with finely diced onions, chilli, chopped mint and julienned basil leaves.

3. Sprinkle with the chaat masala & cumin powder. Scoop the melon to get small balls & toss in with the chaat masala, cumin and julienned basil.

4. Blend the water melon with the honey, small dash of tabasco & orange juice.

5. Take out Segments of orange & set aside.

6.Plate the mango mix in a ring on a plate & refrigerate.

7. To serve, pull the plate out, garnish with the segments, mint leaves & diced apple jelly.

8. Pour the extra chilled watermelon soup on the plate, at the table.

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