Healthy Snacking: Roasted Yam Chips

These Yam or elephant foot chips are super easy to make and yummy to hog because it's baked and absolutely guilt free!

Healthy Snacking: Roasted Yam Chips

1. Cut the yam into fine slices and boil it on medium flame.

2. Add salt, tumerice and a few petals of kokum to the boiling water.

3. Let it boil for around 10 minutes and then remove it off the flame.

4. Strain the yam in a bowl and exract the kokum petals from it.

5. Add some ginger garlic paste to the yam chips and mix it well.

6. Dust the yam chips in some rice flour and red chilli powder.

7. Take a non-stick pan and drizzle some olive oil in it.

8. Add the yam chips to the non-stick pan and let it cook for about 5 minutes on both sides.

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