Healthy Snacking: Sweet Potato Chaat

Make this Delhi-special sweet potato chaat in your kitchen with some interesting combinations.

Healthy Snacking: Sweet Potato Chaat

1. Fry the sweet potato in some oil until it gets a charred appearance.

2. In a bowl, add chopped onions, fresh coriander, red chilli powder, salt, lime juice and chaat masala. Mix well.

3. Add the sweet potatoes now and toss well.

4. Put some green and tamarind chutney.

5. Garnish with pomegranate and some mint leaves.

Nandita Iyer

Nandita Iyer

Nandita is a Bangalore-based food writer and columnist with a passion for healthy cooking. When not cooking, she is growing herbs and veggies in her kitchen garden. Find her recipes on her channel, Saffron Trail.

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