Healthy & Quick Homemade Vegetable Wrap

Healthy & Quick Homemade Vegetable Wrap

Lets ditch rice for lunch today and make a tasty yet easy to make Vegetable Wrap. The best part about this wrap is that you can make it with leftovers at your home.


1. Wash and peal the vegetables.

2. Now add some Olive oil to your heated pan and stirr fry the vegtables of your choice starting with the garlic. Season your vegetables with salt and pepper. Add some cheese. the quantity depends on your liking. Add some chili powder or flakes. Finally add the tomatoes and mix well.

3. Now take a new pan and add some oilve oil to the heated pan. Place your tortilla wrap to it. Slightly brown it and take it off the heat. Add some tomato ketchup to the tortilla and place all your fried veggies to it. Top it off with the shredded letuce.

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