Holi Special Dessert: Thandai Mousse

Holi means thandai, and when you are looking for a fusion dessert, this should be on your list!

Holi Special Dessert: Thandai Mousse

1. In a bowl add sugar, eggs yolks, corn starch and mix it well.

2. In a pan heat milk till it boils.

3. Once the milk is boiled, add half of it into the sugar mixture and mix well. Once the all ingredients are well mixed, pour everything back into the pan and mix well again.

4. Next, add the custard in a bigger bowl which contains white chocolate and mix well till the chocolate melts and combines.

5. Add the gelatin while the custard is warm and mix well.

6. Then add thandai flavour and saffron and mix well.

7. Add whipping cream into the custard and mix it well for all the ingredients to combine.

8. Serve in a glass and garnish it with some thandai flavour, saffron and pistachios.

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