Holi Special Sweet: Kalakand

Your annual trip to the neighbourhood sweet shop ends this Holi.

Holi Special Sweet: Kalakand

1. Keep 2 separate pans on a stove with 1 lt milk in each.

2. In one pan, after the milk boils, add a little lime juice so that the milk splits.

3. Once the milk splits, separate the milk chunks by straining it with a sieve. Keep it aside.

4. In the second pan, heat the milk till it reduces to half.

5. Once the milk is reduced, add the paneer to it and cook it for around 20-30 mins.

6. The mixture will become thick which will be the correct consistency.

7. Next, add sugar and elaichi powder and mix it well.

8. Take a plate and grease it with ghee. Empty the mixture on the plate.

9. Spread the mixture flat onto the plate and garnish it with pistachios and press down. Cool it for 45 mins.

10. Once it cools down, cut them into pieces and serve.

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