Homemade Balushahi Recipe

Balushahi/ Badusha is a luscious Indian dessert, which goes perfectly with garma garam chai. It's a sweet round delicacy filled with creamy curd. Soaked in sugar syrup, loaded with dry fruits and deep fried in ghee until golden brown to give you an amazing taste. Watch and learn how to make balushahi in just a few steps on Britannia Dessert Carnival.

Homemade Balushahi Recipe


- For the sugar syrup: Take a pan and add 1 cup water, 2 cup sugar & cardamom. let it boil well. It should be very syrupy. Add lemon juice after it boils. Keep it aside

- For the dough: Put the dry ingredients together and then the water & ghee, knead well.

- Now shape the balushahi balls and press it lightly so that we can place a pistachio later on.

- Heat the oil in a pan and fry them in low heat. It should cook thoroughly. Remove it from oil once they become golden brown.

- Now put them in sugar syrup for about half an hour. Garnish with pistachio and serve

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