Honey Glazed Tofu

Honey-Glazed Tofu! This recipe is super easy and quick, takes only 20 mins to cook this scrumptious dish. Enjoy!

Honey Glazed Tofu

Heat oil in a small frying pan

Add ginger-garlic paste

Add the red chilli paste

Add honey

Add the light soya sauce

Add the sweet soya sauce

Add salt as per taste

Add pepper

Add the tofu slices

Let the tofu cook in the sauce

Take some glaze from the sides and pour it on the tofu

Cook the tofu till the sauce thickens a bit and the flavours get incorporated well

You can also cut the tofu into smaller pieces, make it as an appetizer or serve it with rice

Flip the tofu over

Add some spring onion leaves on top

Add the sesame seeds

Instead of tofu, you can also use paneer

Cook the tofu on high flame for about a minute

Turn off the flame

Ready to serve

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