How To Make Ada in Banana Leaf

No meal can ever be complete without something sweet, an irresistible payasam Ada Prathaman is known for its taste and delicious flavours. Now you can make the core ingredient of this dish at home.

How To Make Ada in Banana Leaf

Add a pinch of salt, sugar, and ghee to roasted rice flour and mix well.

Add water and create a dosa consistency batter.

Smear on banana leaves and roll.

Tie with string and steam for 5-6 minutes.

Once steamed, remove, cool and unroll.

Cut into pieces and use as required. If using later, place in water.

Preetha Srinivasan

Preetha Srinivasan

Preetha�s endeavour is to promote south Indian cuisine through her YouTube channel, Dakshin Curry. She absolutely loves curry leaves, and can fit them happily into in any recipe. For those of you who curse the poor thing, dry roast and powder them or use them in your dishes and enjoy the health benefits she says.

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