How To Make Authentic Filter Coffee

There is nothing quite like a freshly prepared Filter Coffee to kick off a rainy day. Steamy and aromatic coffee is the perfect answer to those monsoon blues. Follow Chef Geetha's recipe easy to make recipe to brew your own cup in just a few minutes.

How To Make Authentic Filter Coffee

- In the traditional coffee filter, fix the upper compartment on the lower. Add the coffee powder to the upper compartment and with the umbrella attachment, press down the powder firmly. Cover this with the umbrella attachment.

- Bring the water to a boil and pour boiling hot water over the umbrella in the upper compartment, until the water level nearly reaches the brim.

- Keep this covered for 3-4 hours until thick coffee decoction collects in the bottom compartment.

- To prepare coffee, bring milk to a boil. Mix 4-5 tbsp coffee decoction with 3/4 cup milk, adjusting as per the strength of coffee desired. Mix in sugar if required. To get a frothy top, use a steel davara-tumbler, and transfer the coffee 3-4 times between the two until the coffee gets frothy.

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