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How To Make Chicken Thukpa

Aug 04, 2018







Thukpa is a traditional Himalayan delicacy prepared in a delicious chicken broth. Chef Varun Inamdar brings us a slice of the north with a delicious chicken noodles soup infused with timur powder and a variety of spices. Paired with a serving of noodles and chicken your thukpa is ready for you to gorge on.


    For the chicken stock:
    Chicken Bones
    Salt to taste
    For the spice mix:
    Tomatoes: 2 tablespoons
    Onions: 2 tablespoons
    Ginger: 1 teaspoon
    Garlic: 1 teaspoon
    Crushed chillies
    Timur powder: 2 teaspoons
    Crushed black pepper: 1/2 teaspoon
    Coriander leaves: 1 tablespoon
    For the soup:
    Prepared spice mix
    Carrots: 2 tablespoons
    Cabbage: 2 tablespoons
    Prepared chicken stock
    Himalayan pink salt
    Lemon juice
    Noodles: 1 cup
    Boneless chicken: 1/2 cup
    Coriander for garnishing
    Red chilli oil for garnishing


For Chicken Stock
– Boil chicken bones, ginger and salt in water for 20 – 30 minutes. Discard the stock in a utensil and keep it aside.

For spice paste
– Add tomato followed by onion, ginger and garlic, crushed chilli, timur powder, black pepper and coriander leaves. Grind it together into a paste.

For Broth
– Heat oil in a deep pan, add the spice paste, veggies, and chicken stock. Let it simmer for 5 – 10 minutes on a high flame.
– Add pink salt and lemon juice to the mixture.
– Take a bowl, add cooked noodles, steamed chicken and chicken broth.
– Garnish it with coriander leaves and red chilli oil.

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Chef Varun Inamdar is a famous Mumbai-based chef and chocolatier. He is the author of 'Celebrate Life, Food and Wine' and has featured on numerous food shows. He was a Mentor-Guest chef on Master Chef India. Chef Varun is the Brand Ambassador of Ecuadorian cocoa in India.

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