How to Make Egg Roll by Ananya Banerjee

How to Make Egg Roll by Ananya Banerjee

Egg roll is a famous snack from the streets of many India cities especially Kolkata. If you are looking for appetizer ideas, this quick and easy recipe is a great option.


1. Knead a pliable dough with maida, salt, 1 tbs oil and water.

2. Beat the eggs with little salt and keep aside

3. Divide the dough into 4 parts. Roll out 8 cm diameter balls from the portioned out dough.

4. Heat oil in a griddle or tawa.

5. Pour 2 tbs of beaten eggs. Place the rolled out dough balls or paratha on the egg and fry till the egg is cooked. Flip the paratha and fry till golden

6. Take out the paratha from heat. Place the paratha on a work surface, egg side up. Sprinkle chopped onions, lime juice, green chillies and ketchup.

7. Roll up the paratha in cylindrical form. Cut into half and pack into lunch boxes

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