How To Make Hawaiian Pizza Quesadilla

Pizza Quesadilla is an ideal recipe for lunch or an early dinner. Tortilla topped with cheese and a pizza sauce and filled with fresh veggies make for an exciting party starter. Chopped pineapples give a Hawaiian touch to this wholesome dish. Watch and learn how to make this exotic recipe by our chef Kamini Patel only on IFN.

How To Make Hawaiian Pizza Quesadilla

- Place a non stick pan on medium heat

- Place the tortilla on the pan and warm both sides for a few minutes, repeat with next one.

- Remove and place on board

- Spread first cheese

- Then tomato sauce

- And the remaining ingredients

- Fold into half

- Brush oil on the pan

- Place the half quesadillas on it

- Grill both sides

- Remove, slice into three

- Serve with side salad

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