How To Make Indian Mutton Curry

This easy Indian Mutton Curry will soon become your favorite bowl of comfort food. Go ahead and try this lip-smacking recipe by Roopa and pair it with rice or chapati.

How To Make Indian Mutton Curry

Take a mixing bowl, add mutton cubes and marinate it with turmeric, salt, and green chutney.

Coat it evenly and keep it aside Heat oil in a pan, add spices and onion.

Saute it until translucent.

Add dry and fresh coconut to the masala mixture.

Now heat oil in another pan, add onion and saute it well.

Add tomatoes and let it soften

Next, add marinated mutton in the mixture and let cook for 20 - 30 minutes

Meanwhile, blend the coconut mixture in the grinder. and add it to the mutton mixture Add red chili powder and garam masala,

Mix it well Switch off the gas and serve it hot with rice and chapati

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