How To Make Khajuria Recipe

Looking for a sweet indulgence? The crispy, crunchy and yummy Thekua is a delectable sweet dish to bite into. Drool over this Bihari delicacy prepared by Chef Pallavi and let us know if you liked it in the comment section below.

How To Make Khajuria Recipe

¬ Put water and jaggery pieces in a saucepan and bring it to boil, keep stirring so that jaggery gets totally dissolved.

¬ Now in a big deep plate, add whole wheat flour, grated coconut, green cardamom powder and ghee, give it a good mix with hands.

¬ Then knead it into a stiff dough with the help of jaggery water.

¬ After the dough is ready divide it into small balls ( around the size of golf ball)

¬ Now flatten them, if using Thekua mould, flatten it on top of the mould and press it gently so that it can get that impression, if not using the mould, flatten it with hands and then use fork to make impressions on it.

¬ Now heat oil in a kadhai, to deep fry the Thekuas. Fry on low flame till brown.

¬ Your Thekuas are ready, let them cool down a little before eating them. Variation: To bake the Thekuas

¬ Pre-Heat the oven at 180 degrees.

¬ Arrange the raw “Thekuas” on a baking tray and brush a little bit of oil, preferably sunflower oil, on both sides of it.

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