How To Make Paal Kolukattai

Paal Kolukattai By Preetha is simple recipe that you can make for your family at home easily.

How To Make Paal Kolukattai

In a saucepan, combine water with few drops of oil and salt.

Bring to boil.

Add rice flour, mix and switch off the flame.

Cover and keep for 5 minutes.

Grease palm with ghee and knead to soft dough.

Shape dough into marble sized balls and keep aside.

If using later, keep covered in damp cloth.

In a broad pan, add thin coconut milk.

Bring to simmer and add the rice balls.

Boil until dough balls start to swell and mixture thickens.

Add sugar, cardamom powder and mix well. Thicken.

Once well cooked, add thick coconut milk and mix well.

Simmer for 30 seconds.

Remove from flame and add crushed edible camphor.

Mix and serve.

Preetha Srinivasan

Preetha Srinivasan

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