How To Make Padhir Peni

Kicking off our lost recipes special Chef Preetha brings us a dessert called Padhir Peni Or Chiroti. Chapatis layered on top of each other bound by ghee are fried to give you crisp rolls which are sprinkled with powdered sugar for a delectable dessert you simply cannot resist.

How To Make Padhir Peni

- In a bowl, combine rava, water, salt , few drops of ghee and knead into smooth dough. Grease palms with oil and knead well. Cover and keep aside.

- In another bowl, beat ghee well till light and foamy. Add rice flour and beat well till it resembles cream/padhir. Keep aside.

- Combine sugar and cardamom. Keep aside.

- Divide dough into 8 roundels and roll first into a thin chapatti.

Smear with a portion of ghee –rice flour mixture.

- Top with another thin chappati and smear that with ghee mixture.

Continue process till all chappatis are stacked one on top of the other.

- Roll into a log and cut into equal portions.

- Roll each into a poori and deep fry in hot oil/ ghee till brown and crisp.

- Top each with sugar mixture, dry fruits and serve with milk (optional).

Preetha Srinivasan

Preetha Srinivasan

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