How to Make Paneer at home (Cottage Cheese) is a favourite dish across cuisines in India. In this video learn how to make Paneer (Cottage Cheese) at home.


  • Boil milk
  • Add 1 tbsp vinegar to 1 cup of water
  • Add the mixture to the boiled milk and mix it
  • Use white vinegar, incase vinegar is not available use the juice of half a lime
  • Strain the paneer mixture
  • Let the paneer cool for 15 mins after it is strained. Incase in a hurry, wash the paneer under cold water
  • If maida is not available, you can also use cornflour or arrowroot powder
  • To make paneer bhurji, this paneer can be used
  • Transfer the cooled paneer to a bowl, add 2 tbsp maida and knead the mixture
  • Place the paneer in a steel box
  • Pour water into the cooker and keep a steel stand or saucer inside it to place the steel box on it
  • Place the steel box in the pressure cooker and cook it up to 4 whistles
  • Open the cooker after 4 whistles
  • Let the steel box cool before opening it and place the paneer in cold water, keep it in the refrigerator for an hour before using


    Saucepan to boil the milk

    Strainer to drain the paneer

    Bowl to knead the paneer mixture

    Pressure cooker and steel box to cook the paneer

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