How To Make Paruppu Thuvayal

Simple and elegant, Paruppu Thuvaiyal is a chana dal and coconut hybrid that is a pleasure to prepare. Spices and red chilies infuse the coconut and chana dal mixture with a kick of flavour which is placed in delicious ghee rice for a quick and easy meal.

How To Make Paruppu Thuvayal

- Heat a teaspoon of oil, fry red chilies, hing add tur dal, Bengal gram, whole black pepper and saute in medium flame until dal turns golden brown.

- Add grated coconut, saute for 2-3 seconds and switch off the flame.

- After it cools, grind it with little water, need to adjust salt and make to a coarse paste.

- Serve it with hot rice topped with ghee.


You can prepare this thogayal with tur dal alone.

You can add 2 garlic cloves while frying the dal if you like the flavour of garlic.

Adding grated coconut is optional but recommended.

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