How To Make Pethey Jo Seero

Pumpkin may not be the most popular vegetable out there but Chef Veena is here to change all that with a delicious pumpkin dessert called Pethey Jo Seero/Petha Halwa. Simple in its preparation, Kattu Halwa uses pumpkin as a base ingredient sautéed in a mix of ghee, cardamom and caramelized sugar to form a sweet and luscious syrup like mixture which is sure to leave you licking your lips.

How To Make Pethey Jo Seero

- Peel and grate the pumpkin. Place grated pumpkin in a sieve bowl and steam over boiling water for a few minutes, till pumpkin is soft.

- Now heat ghee in a thick kadhai. Add the steamed pumpkin and saute for a few minutes.

- Now add sugar and elaichi and cook till the seero has a rich orange colour and the ghee starts to show on the top.

- Garnish it with chopped nuts. Serve hot.

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