How to Make Sandesh by Ananya Banerjee

How to Make Sandesh by Ananya Banerjee

Sandesh (Sondesh, Shondesh) is a Bengali sweet that's made from fresh chenna. Its a simple and delicious mix of fresh crumbled paneer and powdered sugar. This mouth watering Bengali sweet recipe requires just 3 ingredients and takes only 20-25 minutes to prepare.


1. Bring milk to a boil. Add lime juice. Switch off the gas as soon as the milk cuddles.

2. Strain the chenna or paneer through a maslin cloth. Wash the chenna several times in cold water to remove any residue of lime juice.

3. Knead the chenna very well. Add sugar and knead well for 10 mins. Alternatively put the chenna and sugar in a food processor and process till smooth.

4. Place the mixture in a pan and cook till the moisture dries up.

5. Make preferred shape. Garnish with rose petals.

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