How To Make Thattai

A familiar south Indian delicacy, Thattai is a crisp and versatile snack which warrants a preparation regardless of occasions. Made out of a rich batter infused with dal and crunchy sesame seeds fried till crisp and golden, Thattai is a great snack to accompany almost any dish or beverage.

How To Make Thattai

- Sieve the rice flour, urad dal flour (roast and grind urad dal), roasted gram(chutney dal/dalia/pottukadalai) in a sieve for even mixing. Soak the channa dal in water for 30 minutes.

- Drain the water and add to the flour. If making urad dal flour at home, dry roast the urad dal and powder it finely.

- Mix the rice flour, urad dhal flour, and the roasted gram flour together.

- Add the curry leaves, salt, butter, red chili powder, sesame seeds.

Mix it well. Knead it into a dough adding enough water.

- The dough should be firm, not watery.

- Grease a zip lock cover with oil.

- Take a lemon sized dough and place on the cover. Place another greased cover on it and use a flat-bottomed bowl. Press it on the top with the bowl. This is to ensure even shapes. You can pat it with your fingers too. Transfer it to a clean dry towel and keep it for 5-7 minutes.

- Meanwhile, heat the oil for frying.

- Prick the thattai with a fork and slowly drop them in the oil. - ------Pricking helps the thattai to avoid raising while frying.

- When the oil is hot, keep the flame in medium.

- Drop the thattai into the oil. Fry both sides, till the sizzling sound of the oil subsidies.

- Take it out and drain in a kitchen towel.

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