Ice Cream Cake Recipe By Shipra Khanna

Ice Cream and Cake? Yes, please! You simply can't deny this delightful combo by Chef Shipra. Crisp Deuce biscuits on the outside and rich ice cream filling on the inside, this Ice Cream Cake is one of a kind. Try this Britannia Dessert Carnival's fusion recipe and let us know how it turned out!

Ice Cream Cake Recipe By Shipra Khanna


-take the biscuits dip them in vanilla milk and place in the tray do the same till the bottom is covered then put the ice cream and cover it, add some chips and then repeat this twice.

-The last layer should be of biscuits .

-Make a mix of chocolate and cream then pour it on the cake.

-Then put it in deep fridge for 7-8 hrs.

-Cut and serve.

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