Holi Special-Paneer Jalebi

Holi Special-Paneer Jalebi


  • Make sure that the sugar syrup is thick and sticky and not watery
  • While you make the batter, put oil to heat
  • Start by blending ingredients together for the batter
  • In a blender, add the paneer
  • Add the corn flour
  • Add the cardamom powder
  • Add the baking powder
  • Add milk
  • Add rosewater
  • Blend the ingredients into a paste
  • While checking the consistency of the blended ingredients make sure that they have formed a smooth paste
  • With a piping bag, start shaping out the jalebis
  • Tip: instead of the disposable piping bag, you can also use the regular canvas varieties
  • Fold the piping bag into a triangle
  • Take a thick star nozzle and put ut inside the bag at the very tip
  • Take a tall glass and put the piping bag inside
  • Fold the edges of the bag around the glass
  • Scoop out a portion of the batter and put in inside the bag
  • Once you have filled the bag with batter, bring it out and create a tiny hole at the tip
  • With the stuffed piping bag, start shaping out jalebis on the heated oil
  • The jalebis should become golden in colour
  • Tip: The jalebis need to be fried quickly on low flame
  • Once the jalebis are fried golden, take them out
  • Tip: Instead of saffron, you can also use coffee powder, nutmeg powder, cinnamon, vanilla essence or different fruit syrups to flavor the sugar syrup

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