Chicken in Thai Green Curry

Chicken in Thai Green Curry


  • Pour the thick coconut milk in the vessel and let it boil
  • Keep stirring it
  • Add green curry paste
  • Mix it well so that the 2 ingredients combine
  • Add chicken
  • When the chicken turns brown add 1/2 bringal
  • Add 3-4 pea egg plant
  • Add thin coconut milk
  • TIP: the bringal (egg plant) is added to neutralize the spices
  • Add palm sugar
  • TIP: one can add jaggery instead of the palm sugar
  • Add kaffir lime leaves
  • Add nampla
  • Add bird chillies
  • Add 2-3 chopped basil leaves
  • Garnish with coconut milk, basil leaves and chillies
  • Serve with Jasmine rice or steam rice
  • TIP: for vegetarian thai curry one can use soya sauce instead of nampla (fish sauce)
  • TIP: one can dilute the thick coconut milk for the thinner version

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