Instant Palak Dhokla Recipe By Archana Arte

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Instant Palak Dhokla Recipe By Archana Arte

Method :

For The Dhokla Batter

- Take a bowl and add Curd, Semolina, Gram Flour, Palak Puree, Ginger-Garlic crushed, some Sugar, some Oil and Salt to taste. Mix all the ingredients together.

- Let it Rest for 15 Mins.

- Add Fruit Salt and Lemon juice. Quickly give it a stir as it makes the batter light.

- Apply some Oil to a steel plate and brush it around the utensil.

- Pour the batter in the greased plate. Spread it evenly.

- Keep a utensil with water boiling ready. Place the plate in the utensil and cover with lid.

- Wait for 15-20 Mins. Poke with a knife to check if it's ready.

- Once done turn off the gas and remove the plate out and let it cool.

Archana Arte

Archana Arte

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