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Jaggery Stuffed Coconut Pancake

Nov 29, 2017







If you're bored with your regular pancakes recipe and want to try something new, then this Coconut Pancake is a delightful dish to try at home. This recipe is super delicious, super easy and can be prepared for any occasion.


    1 egg
    2-3 tablespoons Refine Flour
    1 tablespoon Sugar
    ¼ teaspoon Salt
    ¼ teaspoon Baking Powder
    Water, as needed
    1 cup Coconut, grated
    ½ cup Jaggery, broken
    Handful of Cashewnuts, broken
    1 teaspoon Cardamom Powder
    Ghee, for greasing


To make the batter:

– Beat an egg in a bowl and keep it aside.

– In another bowl add the refined flour, sugar, salt, baking powder & water and mix it well.

– Add the beaten egg to the flour mixture and mix it well. The batter is ready, keep it aside.

To make the filling:

– In a pan add the grated coconut, jaggery, cashew nuts & cardamom powder and mix it well until all the ingredients are well cooked.

– Keep this aside to cool

To make the pancake: –

Grease a flat pan with some ghee. Scoop some of the batters out and put it in the pan.

– Cook it well on both sides and then take it out on a plate

– Add the filling in the middle of the pancake and then fold the pancake in the shape of a roll.

– Serve it with some Coconut Sauce. Enjoy!

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