Khajur Biscuit Roll Recipe By Amrita Raichand

Looking for an innovative recipe to exhibit your culinary skill this festive season? Well, Khajur Biscuit Roll by Chef Amrita Raichand is your recipe to impress your guest in no time. Fresh dates, crunchy nuts and chocolatey Britannia Chunkies make for an irresistible Khajur Biscuit Rolls that will make you drool for more. So join the #BritanniaDessertCarnival and let us take you on a sweet ride.

Khajur Biscuit Roll Recipe By Amrita Raichand

Method -

1. In a bowl, mix khajur chopped, milk powder, cashew powder, mix nut and knead well.

2. Another bowl mix crushed chunkies, condensed milk.

3. On a butter paper, spread the khajur dough and spread the biscuit stuffing on it them roll them and cut to serve.

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