Kokum Kadi

Now don’t just wait for the cook or the restaurant to eat your favorite Kokum Kadi. Prepare and eat Kokum Kadi at home .

Kokum Kadi

  • Heat one 1 tbsp oil
  • Add 1/2 tsp jeera (cumin) seeds
  • Add Ginger-garlic-green chilli, chopped
  • Add 1 tbsp sugar and salt to taste
  • Tip: When using Kokam (garcinia), go easy on the salt
  • Crush the soaked Kokam (garcinia) with your fingers
  • Tip: If you are in a hurry, soak the kokam in warm water
  • Tip: Kokam (garcinia) needs to be soaked for approx. 30 minutes
  • Add the kokam (garcinia) and mix well
  • Wait for a boil and add the thick coconut milk
  • Wait for another boil with the coconut milk and turn off the flame
  • Tip: Coconut milk may split on the flame. To salvage the saar and for thickness, add a little rice flour. This works with every saar!
  • Ready to serve!
  • Tip: Kokam saar tastes best with rice and fried dry fish!

Archana Arte

Archana Arte

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