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Aug 23, 2018







Desserts are the soul of any Indian festival and Raksha Bandhan is no exception, our Chef Preetha has brought us a delicious Lapsi Sheera recipe to make the celebration even more special. Daliya Sheera Or Halwa is just the dessert you need to showcase your indefinite love for your sibling.


    ½ cup Ghee
    1 cup Broken Wheat
    1 tbsp Chopped/ slivered cashew
    1 tbsp Chopped/ slivered pistachios
    1 tbsp Chopped/slivered almonds
    2 cups Water
    1 cup Milk
    ¾ to 1 cup Grain sugar
    1 tsp Cardamom powder
    1 pinch Edible Camphor


– In a pan, melt ghee and add broken wheat. Saute on a medium flame till it turns pale brown.
– Add ¾ quantity of dry fruits and mix well. Add water, cover and cook till lapsi is almost cooked.
– Add milk and bring to boil.
– Add sugar and mix well. Cover with lid and cook till most of the moisture is absorbed.
– Switch off the flame and add cardamom powder, edible camphor and mix well.
– Garnish with remaining dry fruits and serve.

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Preetha’s endeavour is to promote south Indian cuisine through her YouTube channel, Dakshin Curry. She absolutely loves curry leaves, and can fit them happily into in any recipe. For those of you who curse the poor thing, dry roast and powder them or use them in your dishes and enjoy the health benefits she says.

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