Lemon Rasam By Preetha

Want something tasty, but too tired to cook? Then Preetha's Lemon Rasam is the solution to your problems! This 2 minute recipe is sure to give your taste buds a treat.

Lemon Rasam By Preetha


- Take a cup of water in a pan and Add Turmeric, chopped chillies, crushed ginger, chopped tomatoes, curry leaves and bring it to boil.

- After it is cooked switch off the flame and strain it and take the liquid or water separately from the vegetables.

- Add coriander stems, curry leaves, add the remaining hing water and hing powder to the strained water and boil it.

- Add the dal water to it along with tomatoes and let it cook.

- Put the mixture of cummin seeds and pepper (grounded together) and mix it then add Salt according to taste.

- Add some coriander to it and post it simmers squeeze a lime, mix it up and keep the pan with the lid off the flame.

For the tadka:

- Take some oil in a pan, once its boiled add mustard, then jeera and curry leaves and stir it together.

- Add the mixture of jeera and pepper to it and mix all ingredients together.

- Pour the tadka in the lemon rasam.

- Ready to serve.

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