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Spicy Chicken Masala

Dec 26, 2012







Having unexpected guests over for dinner? Make them this quick,restaurant style chicken recipe,


    400g chicken
    1 cup brown onion paste
    1 cup onion paste
    3 tbsp curd
    1 tbsp cream for garnish
    2 tbsp pounded garlic ginger
    powder of coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cinnamon and cloves
    powder of couscous, red chilli powder and black pepper
    1 tbsp mix masala
    1 tbsp cashew powder
    1 piece of coal
    2-3 tbsp of coal
    salt according to taste
    coriander for garnish


1. In a heated pan add in oil, add 1 tbsp pounded ginger and garlic, 1 bowl of onion paste and fry them well till they turn slightly red

2. Once they turn red, add the marinated chicken and mix everything well.

3. Add little water and cover the chicken with a lid.

4. While the chicken cooks on a low flame, take a piece of coal and heat it on a high flame, till it turns red.

5. Once the coal turns red, remove it in a steel bowl.

6. Remove the lid and now add 1 tbsp cashew powder.

7. Once the chicken is ready, make some space in the center and place the heated coal inside.

8. Pour oil over the coal and immediately cover the chicken with a lid. This infuses a smoked or charcoal flavour in the chicken.

9. After a couple of seconds, remove the lid.

10. Garnish with coriander and cream.

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