Make Healthy Coleslaw Sandwich

Who says you can't make your grandparent something yummy this Dussehra? Follow Pranav's simple steps and cook up this easy to make healthy Coleslaw Sandwich, and surprise them!

Make Healthy Coleslaw Sandwich

1. Chop all your vegetables in a finely. Remember you are going to make your sandwich filling out of these vegetables, so you will not want them to be too chunky.

2. Now mix all your wet ingredients to the vegetables, i.e, chili sauce and mayonnaise.

3. Season your filling with salt and pepper. Taste the filling to check if it's upto the your liking.

4. Now beautiful ladies and kind gents, it's time to bread it up. Take a baguette or even a paw will do. Slice it up horizontally but make sure not to slice up the whole damn bread.

5. Keep some as a joining link. Fill the sliced up bread with the yummy mixture that you have just made, and viola, you Coleslaw Sandwich is made!

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