Baked Potato and Corn Wedges

Looking for a quick snack to accompany your tea? Arina teaches you to make this delicious herbed potato dish.

Baked Potato and Corn Wedges

In a bowl, add crushed corn

Add grated paneer

Add grated boiled potato

TIP: Using potato helps binding the tikki as well as giving it body

Add 2-3 tbsp of malai/fresh cream

Add ginger-garlic-green chilli paste

Add 1 tbsp kastoori methi (lightly crushed by hand)

Add salt to taste

Mix well

Once the ingredients are mixed well, add corn kernels

Mix well

TIP: Add cornflour if the mixture is loose

TIP: To check the consistency, make a tikki, if it doesn't break, it's ready

TIP: Grease your palms with oil when making the tikki

Shape the mixture softly in your palms

Coat the tikki with corn flour

In a pan, heat 3-4 tbsp oil

Once the oil is hot, gently place the tikkis

Fry the tikkis on a low flame

TIP: These tikkis can be deep fried/baked/grilled

Fry for 2 mins, till they turn golden brown

The wedges are ready to serve

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