Malpua Recipe in Hindi - Delicious Holi Delicacy

Malpua is an Indian Dessert recipe that is extremely lip smacking. Prepared with flour, sugar syrup and dry fruits this delectable dish is made for special occasions. Try making this Indian Pancake recipe by Pallavi in Hindi and let us know in the comments below.

Malpua Recipe in Hindi - Delicious Holi Delicacy

In a big bowl, add maida, sugar, fennel seeds, and crushed cardamom pods.

Mix all the dry ingredients together with the help of a spoon.

Now make a medium consistency batter, by gradually adding milk and whisking.

Adjust the sweetness, if required.

Heat ghee in a shallow frying pan.

Add the ladle full of batter to the hot ghee to make a pancake, lower the flame and fry it till golden brown.

Your delicious malpuas are ready.

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